So I Got a $10 Haircut in Singapore

Aside from F1, my 4D3N Singapore trip didn't have any itinerary because I wanted to experience living like a local, not like a tourist.

Haji Lane Singapore
You'll be seeing a lot of F1 hype from almost everywhere

My plan was to eat at hawkers, visit a cinema to go watch a movie, and have a trip to their local salon to either get my hair or my nails done. I even considered having ear piercings there but I worried about my ear’s aftercare.


On an average, a haircut would cost you 60SGD. Everything is expensive if you convert it to PHP! So my friend, Rhenee, who's currently working there, told me we could get a haircut for only 6-10SGD.

She asked me where I stayed and told me that there's a Korean Salon near my place.

We met in Holland MRT station and walked to Holland Piazza. When we got there, the salon was a bit difficult to locate as it was in the basement.

K Cuts Holland Village Outlet Singapore
K Cuts Holland Village Outlet

We were greeted by a friendly staff, and were led to something like a vending machine. A bit culture shocked, they assisted us that we should insert 10SGD inside, and the machine would dispense a paper for queuing.

K Cuts Holland Village Outlet Singapore
 Nakaka-ignorante po!

The stylist called me and showed me the way to her station. On the side was a compartment where I could put my bag and other belongings while I sat in the salon chair.

After discussing what hairstyle I wanted, auntie gave me a proper draping, then proceeded into cutting. Her haircutting skills were quick; in less than 10 minutes we were done.

K Cuts Holland Village Outlet Singapore
Rhenee getting the back of her hair done

K Cuts Holland Village Outlet Singapore

Satisfied by the cut, she even took a small mirror for me to check if the back of my hair was alright.

I was amazed when she took out a hose, it was a vacuum to clean up the mess of hair that fell into my drapes. (masyado ako namangha, did not get to document tuloy)

Pros: Cheap cut, well-trained stylist, and sterilized implements. Walk-ins are accepted.
Cons: No washing and blow dry.

And that was it! A quick and unique experience for getting a haircut.



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