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Dining Review: Abundant Place Garden Café

A cozy, atmospheric, little restaurant. The Abundant Place Garden Café fares to maintain a relaxed, welcoming setting– their cobblestone path with a reddish-earthy tone, airy canopies, and hanging décors like their paper lanterns complemented their landscape dramatically. We all felt safe since their seating was spread out; only two dining tables per area were placed. We were lucky we got there with no other customers yet. They have a handicrafts shop across the dining area. My mom loved their home décors and bought curtains with shell embellishments. There was also an events place at the back. Events area For their menu, I believe most ingredients were locally sourced. Prices were affordable. We got to try almost everything in their menu. Sinigang na Hipon. The shrimps were large and fresh. The soup was to die for. It was sour but not so much that it’s off-putting. It tasted so good that we finished the broth quickly and asked for a refill. Sinigang na Hipon ₱280 Pinaputok na Tilapi

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