Dining Review: Samgyeopmasarap Unlimited Korean BBQ

Samgyeopmasarap Unlimited Korean BBQ SM BF Parañaque

It’s been a while since we visited SM BF and decided to have dinner there.

Samgyeopmasarap Unlimited Korean BBQ SM BF Parañaque

We entered and took our seats. They first gave us side dishes: egg rolls, anchovies, fish cake, pickled radish, bean sprouts, kimchi, potato balls, onions, soup, and a bowl of rice. I was actually surprised to see that they served us onions, because normally it would be garlic. But it’s fine. All of the side dishes except for the kimchi were accustomed to Filipino taste, they were sweet.

Samgyeopmasarap Side Dishes
Unlimited side dishes

We ordered unlimited pork bbq (₱399) and chicken bbq (₱349). We were given plates of pork belly, bacon slices, and chicken. I liked that the chicken parts given were from thighs and legs.

Samgyeopmasarap Unlimited Korean BBQ SM BF Parañaque
Grilling our pork and chicken
I hesitated a bit when I saw the chicken from the grill, for I saw no marinade. I was afraid the chicken would taste bland. But to my surprise, the chicken actually tasted well – so well that I had 5 servings of lettuce to wrap it with. The chicken was tender, and very flavorful. Adding the red bean dip with it was divine. I liked my fried chicken, but I really enjoyed their barbeque.

Their pork was also seasoned well. Thin cuts made them easier to cook and make them crispy. The red bean dip also worked wonders on the pork.

Ashley and Alvin were attentive to our needs. Everything was quickly refilled and they would even ask if we needed anything else. Plus points on their service!

Limited choices on their menu but everything is affordable. Nothing fancy, just “busoglusog”! You can definitely get your money’s worth. All in all, we had a great time dining here. We haven’t noticed that we were there for more than an hour. If you have samgyeopsal cravings but you’re in a tight budget, you might want to try Samgyeopmasarap.

Taste: 4/5
Price: 4.5/5
Service: 5/5
Ambiance: 3/5

Samgyeopmasarap Unlimited Korean BBQ SM BF Parañaque Menu


Samgyeopmasarap Unlimited Korean BBQ is located at 2nd Level, SM City BF Paranaque, BF Homes, Parañaque City (they also have branches in Bicutan, Marikina, and Greenhills)

Samgyeopmasarap Unlimited Korean BBQ SM BF Parañaque


  1. We always dine in samgyup masarap in SM Marikina branch. The food was good thats why me and my partner loved it until this recent incident. We arrived there during lunch time. The supervisor advised us that we need to wait in the queue and we were listed 2nd to be accomodated. There's no problem with us waiting. We were very much willing to wait until a group of like 5 or six people arrived. I already noticed that the supervisor already gave them the menu to order which was not offered to us. 15 minutes later we saw that there's already an available table,surprisingly the supervisor approached the larger group to take the available table without informing us. My partner talked to the supervisor with all her patience but the supervisor was intentionally not responding to her and just keep looking at his phone (not sure if he's txting or playing). My partner then told him that she was talking to him then she was told by the supervisor that ITS THEIR POLICY TO PRIORITIZE A LARGER GROUP than those who had been waiting for minutes, w(we already waited for almost 30mins?without informing us. No matter how much we want to have samgyup that that time we decided to leave. Yes you have good food to offer but taking care of your customer is also important. Samgyupmasarap just lost 1 returning customer and I'll make sure that I will never recommend this to any of friends, relatives or any people i know and will tell all about this bad experience.

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