Dining Review: Shan Jin Ji

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Le family came to pick me up at work and they saw this restaurant near our office building. Dad usually gets out of the car to smoke while he waits for me. We went to Macau last December and somehow, the restaurant’s smell reminded him of Macau. He took a deep breath and said, “hmm amoy, Macau”. So we all decided to have dinner there.

We were welcomed by almost everyone inside the restaurant. The owners were Chinese but the staffs were mostly Filipino.

shan jin ji hotpot filinvest alabang muntinlupa

shan jin ji hotpot filinvest alabang muntinlupa

shan jin ji hotpot filinvest alabang muntinlupa

shan jin ji hotpot filinvest alabang muntinlupa

As dad is having a hard time choosing what to order, the head of staff approached us and suggested a group meal. He ordered the Combo Meal B, which is good for 4-5 people. My dad tends to overestimate whenever we dine out, so he added an extra serving of shrimp, squid, and 4 cups of rice to go with the group meal we were having.

Shanjinji Hotpot Alabang Menu
Shanjinji Hotpot's Ordering System

While waiting, we were given complimentary appetizers and fruits. Usually, this would be the time where mom and dad would step out to smoke, but as they were about to step out, the waiter said they could smoke inside. Mom was so elated hearing this news.

Shanjinji Hotpot Alabang Appetizers / Side dish

Beef sashimi appetizer (not free though)

A large casserole was placed in the middle of the table with a built-in induction stove; our waiter was very detailed in explaining everything as he cooked the ingredients in the set. He actually never left our table as we ate since he was very conscious of our hotpot, making sure no ingredient would be over cooked.

Shan Jin Ji Alabang Hotpot

There is a table where you can mix your own sauce to flavor your hotpot. One suggestion was to use oil-based sauce, but I really prefer soy-based on meats. I tried to mix Hoisin sauce, ginger, sesame seeds, and then added on a dash of cilantro for added texture and freshness.

Shan Jin Ji Alabang Hotpot Sauce
DIY Sauces

Everything we had was good. I really cannot comment anything bad on the food served to us. It’s your standard hotpot place, but I think what stands out the most is that their staff is very attentive. They would give everything you need even without you asking. And while it’s expected for those working in the service industry to be polite and courteous, what is impressive with the restaurant staff was how sincere they were whenever they served us with smiles on their faces.

After eating, they gave us free wet towels and gum, and a voucher for our next visit. They offered to pack whatever was left in our pot for us to take home. On the pricey side but I recommend it, especially for the atmosphere and great customer service.

Taste: 4/5
Price: 2.5/5
Service: 5/5
Ambiance: 4/5

shan jin ji hotpot filinvest alabang muntinlupa menu
Shan Jin Ji Hotpot menu


shan jin ji hotpot filinvest alabang muntinlupa

Shan Jin Ji Hotpot is located at Polaris Corporate Center, Spectrum Midway, Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City


  1. We always dine in samgyup masarap in SM Marikina branch. The food was good thats why me and my partner loved it until this recent incident. We arrived there during lunch time. The supervisor advised us that we need to wait in the queue and we were listed 2nd to be accomodated. There's no problem with us waiting. We were very much willing to wait until a group of like 5 or six people arrived. I already noticed that the supervisor already gave them the menu to order which was not offered to us. 15 minutes later we saw that there's already an available table,surprisingly the supervisor approached the larger group to take the available table without informing us. My partner talked to the supervisor with all her patience but the supervisor was intentionally not responding to her and just keep looking at his phone (not sure if he's txting or playing). My partner then told him that she was talking to him then she was told by the supervisor that ITS THEIR POLICY TO PRIORITIZE A LARGER GROUP than those who had been waiting for minutes, w(we already waited for almost 30mins?without informing us. No matter how much we want to have samgyup that that time we decided to leave. Yes you have good food to offer but taking care of your customer is also important. Samgyupmasarap just lost 1 returning customer and I'll make sure that I will never recommend this to any of friends, relatives or any people i know and will tell all about this bad experience.

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