Dining Review: Yoree Korean Barbeque

I think that when it comes to dining reviews in this blog, there’s starting to be a trend: everything is better with cheese.
I don’t know if it’s because of our personal tastes or just pure coincidence, but either way everything was better in Yoree because there was cheese.
The ambiance was fine. There isn’t really much to say. The place was elegant, from the way the light from the outside entered through the glass doors and windows contrasting with the dark color scheme to the wide tables and comfortable chairs. Still, you can tell that the place was not designed to ensure you stay in the restaurant for a long time. It’s not a problem of course; the purpose of providing comfort and having style was achieved.

The service was top-notch. The servers were attentive; they were quick to fill up our glasses when our water was about to run out. They were very accommodating as well when we asked them questions about our food.
Four our food, we ordered their Seafood Ramen and their Cheesy Dak Kanjeong.
Spicy Seafood Ramen ₱298. Shrimp, squid, and mussels with perfectly cooked ramen in this spicy seafood broth.
Yoree Spicy Seafood Ramen
Spicy Seafood Ramen
I asked for our seafood ramen to be mild in terms of spiciness because I wasn’t sure if my baby sis can handle the heat. It was great! There were bits of fish, mussels, shrimp, and squid. There were also a lot of greens — even cucumber slices. Walang malansa. To be honest I had worried because we might have allergic reactions otherwise, but we were fine. The ramen was filling and satisfying.
And then there’s the Cheesy Dak Kanjeong.
Cheesy Dak Kanjeong ₱798. Spicy fire chicken with mozarella and cheddar cheese. Good for two.
Yoree Cheesy Dak Kanjeong
Cheesy Dak Kanjeong
I’ll say it again: everything is better with cheese!
Oh, wow. The mixture of the mozzarella and cheddar with the chicken was heavenly. The chicken itself was great. Even if it was covered in sauce and cheese it was still crispy. It’s very flavourful.
There were also scrambled eggs, kimchi, jangjorim, gimmari, and corn served alongside the chicken. All of them were also delicious and provided good contrast to the chicken and cheese. Of particular interest were the kimchi and gimmari, because the former was very fresh and the latter was crispy goodness.
Yoree Cheesy Dak Kanjeong

We were also served typical side dishes: fishcake, kimchi, potatoes, anchovies and soup. The kimchi served as a side dish tasted a bit different from the kimchi that came along with the dak kanjeong. It was a bit bitter. It slipped our minds to ask why that is, so I can only guess.
Side dishes with house tea
The menu stated the cheesy dak kanjeong was good for two. But with the seafood ramen, we didn’t get to finish it. The server even offered to just pack it for us to take home (plus points to their impeccable service!).
For the prices, it’s on the expensive side, but it’s worth every centavo. There’s no regret in ordering the food we tried. They were delicious and filling and I’m pretty sure we fell into a food coma for a while.

Definitely a good place to try out!
Taste: 4.5/5 Price: 3/5 Service: 5/5 Ambiance: 4/5


Yoree Korean Barbeque Dining is located at Molito Commercial Complex, Alabang-Zapote Road, Alabang, Muntinlupa City. Click here to view their other branches.

Yoree Korean Barbeque Dining

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