Dining Review: Dos Bandidos

I've returned to this place because I have been craving for nachos and this one is near our parish church. South District Hall is basically like a food court where you order upfront and they give you the vibrating thingamajig to alert you once food is ready for pick up.

We ordered their Homemade Nachos, Grilled Shrimp rice bowl, and Wagyu Mushrooms rice bowl.

What you see is what you get. I mean that literally  when you look at the menu and count how many shrimps and wagyu beef cubes are displayed in the photo, you'd actually get the same number for your order.

The food was decent with single portions. I like that it's not the fast food type; they would only prepare the food after you order.

Homemade Nachos (180) Okay, the nachos can be for sharing, but if you are hungry and this is the only thing that you'd order, you can (fine, I can) finish the whole serving.

Homemade Nachos (180) 

With generous amount of cheese, the chips would get soggy easily, so I suggest you consume this first.

Grilled Shrimp rice bowl (220) I was surprised that it was really grilled! You can actually taste the smokiness of the shrimp, and it was nicely paired with the mexican rice and salsa fresca. After a few bites, I found it a bit dry, so I dipped it with the excess cheese from the nachos. Suddenly, there's a balance — it was like I was having a new dish.

Grilled Shrimp rice bowl (220)

Wagyu Mushrooms rice bowl (230) This one is the dish that got my sister curious. It has wagyu beef cubes, mushrooms, sunny side up eggs and the mexican rice with salsa on the side. Personally, I can't distinguish what they wanted to make this dish taste like. It does not feel Mexican to me. Plus the wagyu is more like tofu.

Wagyu Mushrooms rice bowl (230)

I was not overly impressed with the food, maybe because of the price? It would be more satisfying if you dine at Silantro, their food's price and taste is on point!

Dos Bandidos Menu

Taste: 3/5
Price 2.5/5
Service: 5/5
Ambiance: 4/5


Dos Bandidos is located at the South District Food Hall (4th floor) of Madison Galeries, Alabang


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