Dining Review: Fiery Style Southwestern Grill

Fiery Style Southwestern Grill. Turning Mexican to Mexi-can't!

I was impressed by the restaurant's styling. It instantly gives off a Mexican vibe — the colourful lights, posters, patterned tiles, and cozy booths would make you want to take a picture of the place right away.

We picked a spot, looked at their menu. They offer Mexican-slash-Texan food. 
We then ordered their recommendations: Fiery nachos, and 5oz Rump Steak. I was a bit hungry and curious about their Veggie Juicy Burger so I added that.

But all the giddy feelings dwindled down one order after another.

Fiery Nahos (₱338). Choices of corn chips or potato chips, topped with nacho cheese sauce, guacamole, tomato salsa, jalapeños and sour cream. With pork, chicken, or beef. I was screaming on the inside when the waitress approached us, in a tin can, i knew it was the nachos 'cause in the menu, the nachos were perfectly stacked. When she pulled out the tin can, the nachos spread all over the plate! It was like an avalanche! The waitress just yelled at someone in the kitchen, "(name) sablay na naman!" '


The nachos served were dry. Maybe if they added more sauce in it, it would have served as a glue and hold everything up. Notice in the photo how scarce the toppings and sauces are.

The sad reality

Veggie Juicy Burger (₱138). A crispy bean burger filled with a spicy cheese filling. Initially, the burger looks good, but when you realized that the patty was not crispy, and there was no spicy cheese, you'd feel like you were simply eating a sandwich with liver pâté. It's as if the missing kidney beans in the nachos were just there in your burger! Yes, it's just the beans in the nachos, spread in the bun. What a waste of money. 

Saddest Veggie Burger

5oz Rump Steak (₱198). Flame-grilled beef steak known for its slightly firmer texture and strong flavor with choice of fries, mashed potato, or rice for sides. This is the only saving grace out of everything we ordered. I also liked that it was served in a skillet. But here's the catch, we asked this to be well done, and they served us pink. I mean, their decors were well-done but not the steak.

5oz Rump Steak

Come on! Is there a quality check happening on the food before serving it to their customers?! 

If I were the restaurant's owner, I would be disappointed at the staff, too. We were the only ones dining in that place, but no one was attending on our table. Servers were doing their own thing — gossiping at the back, singing along the radio — not paying attention to the customers. 

Food isn't the sole reason I dine in restaurants, service is also a factor for me to come back. I made sure their manager knew about this so they'd give importance on consistently delivering both excellent food and service.

Taste: 1.5/5
Price: 2/5
Service: 1/5
Ambiance: 5/5
Just leaving their menu here if ever you're curious


If you still want to try it out for yourself, Fiery Style Southwestern Grill is located at the Upper Ground Floor, Expansion Wing, Festival Mall, Muntinlupa City 


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